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Work desk

Mainly for

Designers & Builders

design / concept for gaseous fuel

Challenge on ProcessHeat applications is to align process, machinery and heating topics.  Satisfying the elementary needs of machinery and heating unit (incl. understanding of heat transfer) is the base of an optimized heating process and key for your machinery to be capable running a high product quality.

ProcessHeat Consult helps you to get a better understanding and to define the optimized solution.

Mainly for Designers, Builders & Users

emission optimization

Environmental aspects get more in our Focus and in Focus of customers. ProcessHeat optimization can help to minimize emissions.


It´s not enough thinking GREEN,

let´s work together to make it happen.

Mainly for Designers, Builders & Users

Even the energy cost might be on the overall cost of your production not the key cost driver, at end each cent you safe isn´t lost.

... and what is even more important for your GREEN image is your actions taken to run a energy optimized operation.


ProcessHeat Consult opens very often exiting opportunities to recover heat from your process

back into the process itself. 

energy optimization / heat recovery

Informative Interview

Mainly for


Nearly nothing caries more than reliability. It´s not only overall design and quality of components used. Often minor issues during daily operation and maintenance have a major influence.

Let´s analyse and see, what we find.

Let´s pick key topics up and solve it.

reliability improvement

safety check

During daily operation and over time, safety of your machinery get´s out of focus. Safety to run the machinery, but even more safety of your invest and taking care to keep a safe production.

Let´s use a neutral view from external

to get updated picture on aspect SAFETY.

Mainly for


Mainly for Designers, Builders & Users

training and qualification

Best equipment and top motivated team can not compensate all aspects which might not be known. Quality and  Qualification is so close by and without Qualification outcome (your Quality) can´t be on it´s optimum.


Let´s work on possible gaps, let´s repeat one and other,

Why not collecting and sharing build up knowledge from

your team to your team


Mainly for Suppliers

market positioning

You are a supplier to ProcessHeat industry and wish to grow in further segments? Let´s analyse your portfolio and company focus and compare it with market needs and potential. Does your profile match?

Let´s work together to find new opportunities.

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